White Beans from Egypt is a very tasty sort of high quality, originating from Egypt. Its variety in Bulgaria is known as Alubia. The beans are small and white, resembling the typical white beans in Bulgaria.

White Beans from Egypt is nutritious and tasty, distinguished by its creamy texture. The interesting thing about this variety is that the beans retain their shape even during prolonged cooking on “low heat”, although their skin is very thin. This makes it extremely suitable for salads and cold plates.

The Alubia is typical not only for the Egyptian dishes, but also for the Spanish and Tuscan ones. It fits perfectly into the traditional Bulgarian cuisine too. It is suitable for preparing:

  • Mussels with white beans;
  • Mushrooms with white beans;
  • Salad with white beans, roasted peppers, radishes, celery and carrots;
  • Mediterranean stew with fish and shrimps;
  • Tuscan toast sprinkled with beans and olive oil;
  • Beans with pork in a pressure cooker, Spanish style;
  • Traditional Bulgarian bean soup.

It is great for baking and cooking. When pre-soaked in water, cooking the beans in a pressure cooker takes only 8 minutes. Leaving it to simmer for at least another 20 minutes, the dish acquires a pleasant creamy texture.

Regular consumption of Alubia beans favors the condition of the body, provides good digestion and supports the function of the immune system.

  • White Beans from Egypt is rich in protein, which makes it an excellent substitute for meat when fasting or enjoying a vegetarian or vegan meal. It also contains fiber that improves digestion.
  • White Beans from Egypt provides you with the best of nature in the form of a warm and delicious dish. Each bean in the 1 kg package undergoes a thorough analysis and quality control so that it always tastes equally wonderful.