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Natura Ethno

Food gives us life and satisfies our hunger. But have you ever thought about how much more it is capable of? Its aroma takes us on a journey through time - now to past moments of happiness, now to dreams coming true. With her, we go on a journey through distant countries, sometimes we even manage to go around the whole world in the time of one (un)ordinary dinner.

But it has to be a special food. Not just tasty or nutritious, but carrying meaning, emotion and a pinch of magic. Close your eyes and imagine Aladdin's flying carpet. Where do you want to go? In exotic Thailand, in Cappadocia, Japan, maybe in Morocco or in your childhood, in your grandmother's country kitchen?

If you taste a bite of a dish prepared with Natura Ethno products, you will instantly feel that you are exactly where you want to be!

Natura's special Etno series includes high-quality and completely natural legumes and cereals, characteristic of different regions of the wider world. All of them are prepared quickly and easily at home and provide you with a gastronomic journey for the palate and the soul.

Among the products of the line are:

  • steamed Turkish bulgur - washed, blanched in steam, dried and crushed, it is ready for preparing Tabbouleh salad, pilaf, meatballs and other divine dishes from the oriental and Arabic cuisine;
  • sushi rice - can be used both for sushi and for the creation of other tempting dishes typical of the Land of the Rising Sun;
  • shelled chickpeas – Moroccan cuisine expects you to go wild with this health-promoting legume;
  • yellow lentils - with them, in just 10-15 minutes, your kitchen will smell like the Orient, and your palate will not be impatient to try them;
  • Thai rice - Thai dishes are challenging for some stomachs, but prepared at home with Thai rice from Natura, they will be according to your personal preferences - with more or less spices and hotness;
  • white peeled beans - tasty like the grandmothers from the pretty Bulgarian villages, but cooked in just 30 minutes, without the need for pre-soaking and changing the water.

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We care about achieving a healthy meal for every family.

Before reaching you, every grain undergoes strict analysis and inspection.