Selected Medium-Grained Beans from Natura is a relatively new Bulgarian variety of white beans, known as Elixir. It is a selected medium-grain bean cultivated by the Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute in 2009.

This selected medium-grain bean is nutritious, tastes great and is easy to cook. This variety is excellent for baking and cooking. It is suitable for all traditional Bulgarian dishes with ripe beans:

  • Stew in a pressure cooker;
  • Crushed beans for Christmas Eve;
  • Sauerkraut with baked beans;
  • Salad with beans and onion.

The white beans Elixir from Natura is distinguished by its much thinner shell compared to the typical Bulgarian white bean. Due to this, it takes about an hour to cook.

Selected Medium-Grained Beans Natura provides you with the best of nature in the form of a warm and delicious dish. Each bean in the 1 kg package undergoes a thorough analysis and quality control so that it always tastes equally wonderful.

  • Selected Medium-Grained Beans is rich in protein, which makes it an excellent substitute for meat when fasting or enjoying a vegetarian or vegan meal. It also contains useful for the body folic acid (vitamin B9), iron, selenium and potassium, making it an excellent dish for pregnant women. The fiber in its composition also contributes to good digestion. When consumed, blood sugar levels rise less and more gradually than when consuming other starchy foods, making it a good choice for diabetics.