Natura’s Blanched rice is of high quality and great taste. The technique of blanching rice has been known since ancient Indian culture. It is expressed in the soaking of the grains in boiling water before they are dried and, nowadays, packaged. In this way the starch is removed and subsequently the rice grains do not stick to each other during cooking. That is why blanched rice is revered in Italian cuisine.

Natura’s Blanched Rice is the perfect choice for the preparation of:

  • Risotto;
  • Rice with spinach and mushrooms;
  • Cooked rice for garnish;
  • Baked rice with vegetables.

It is cooked in a ratio of 1 part rice and 3 parts water for about 20 minutes.

Blanched rice not only provides excellent taste and texture of dishes, but is also very useful for the human body. When blanching, the vitamins and minerals that are generally found in the shell of the grains pass to the core. In this way, most of them are preserved during cooking.

  • Natura’s Blanched rice is rich in group B vitamins and benefits the nervous and immune systems, digestion and general health.
  • Natura’s Blanched rice provides you with the best of nature in the form of a warm and delicious dish. The rice in each package of 1 kg undergoes a thorough analysis and quality control so that it always tastes equally wonderful.